Trading Market Terms

Posted by Hassan Askry
dear viewers !

when you think about the market you must know about all marketing terms use.
here are some of them

  • bull . bull refer to the upwind trend in the market
  • bear. Bear refer to the down word trend in the market.
  • at the market. this is the order to buy or sell at the best price possible at the time an order reaches the trading pit.
  • Boom. Boom refer to tat era when markers ear in peek , Business done  Very well, in stock exchange business in its extreme.
  • .Decline. It is that market trend in which business going down word. In stock exchange business activity became lessen. Commodity Prices fallen.
  • Stock Exchange. Stock exchange is a place where people invest money in different public limited companies and companies give them security proof like shares.
  • Share. Share is the security that company gives to its inverter as a proof of investing money. Share is the smaller Unit of investment in a company. different companies share is of different worth (e.g. 1share = 1 Dollar or 1 Share = 10 Pakistani Rupee)
  • Public Limited Company. Public Limited company is the company of Government Sector. and it allow public to invest in it and become owner or share holder or partner.  
  • Stake Holder. stack holder is every person who directly or indirectly affected by any new action.(Internal Stack holder , External Stack Holder , Connected Stack Holder.)
So these ere the main Market terms that usually use in the Market. When you deal in trading. Online Trading Forex , Stock Exchange , Currency Exchange , you Must know these terms.