Pakistani Currency Vs US Dollar

Posted by Hassan Askry
Pakistani currency is moving down and down as compared with US Dollar .
As in only 3 years ago one Dollar was equal to 65 Pakistani Rupee , but now one Dollar is Equal to 86 Pakistani Rupee..
There are several reasons for decline in currency value.
some of which are

  • Economic Instability
  • More Imports than exports
  • Loans and borrowings
  • Decline in Stock Markets
  • Natural Deserter (i.e. earthquake, flood etc.)
  • Unequal Distribution of wealth

Unfortunately Pakistan is facing many of these  problems.

Due to increase in price if petrol and petroleum products Pakistani Economy Fall and Fall.

Pakistan should have to Increase its Exports as it is a good agricultural country it could export many agricultural products like , Mango , Orange Rice , Sugar Cane, Tobacco. And most important step is to take strictk action against smuggler and Stock Holders.