Risk Warning

Posted by Hassan Askry

The risk disclaimer is meant to inform the user of the potential financial risks of en-
gaging in foreign exchange trading. The transaction of such financial instruments
known as forex, fx, or currency, and dealt on a valued basis known as ‘spot’ or ‘for-
ward’, ‘day trading’ and ‘option’, can contain a substantial degree of risk.
Before deciding to undertake such transactions with any other firm offering simi-
lar services, a user should carefully evaluate whether his/her financial situation is
appropriate for such transactions. Trading foreign exchange may result in a sub-
stantial or complete loss of funds and therefore should only be undertaken with
risk capital.
The definition of risk capital is funds that are not necessary to the survival or well
being of the user. We strongly recommends that a user, who is considering trading
foreign exchange  should  obtain a clear and accurate understanding of the risks
inherent to fx trading. Opinions and analysis on potential expected market move-
ments contained within the FirePips.com website are not to be considered neces-
sarily precise or timely, and due to the public nature of the Internet, FirePips.com
cannot at any time guarantee the accuracy of such information.
Trading online, no matter how convenient or efficient it may be, does not neces-
sarily reduce the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and FirePips.com
does not accept any responsibility towards any customer, member or third party,
acting on such information contained on the website as to the accuracy or delay of
information such as quotations, news, and charts derived from quotations.