Forex and The Secret

Posted by Hassan Askry

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Is the Law of Attraction applicable in Forex world?  Is it just another Self-Help BS or
there is more to it? Is there a true Forex Secret? Let’s explore.
You may find this strange topic to write and may be wondering how on earth some-
thing like The Secret  relates  to Forex. I never thought  I’ll write an article that  has
Secret in its title but here it is anyways.
What is The Secret?
First of all  if you don’t  know The Secret is then I suggest you Google it, there is a
book and a 90 minute video.  Once you have done that come back to this article and
it will make more sense.
I came across this  video  through  spam email  which landed in  my inbox,  it  asked
me to see this video and then take quick action to buy their product.  I did see the
video but didn’t buy whatever they were selling, not because I hated The Secret but
I couldn’t correlate between the two.
The Secret talks  about “Law of Attraction” (some would say a fancy name for “day
dreaming” ). The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like; your thoughts and
feelings attract corresponding experiences. Your thoughts  become things and by
simply imagining it and taking actions you can get everything in life.
To some degree it is true since it emphasize heavily on positive thinking. Though not
necessarily true in Forex. Let me explain.
Where it Fails?
Imagine a day when you encounter a big loss in the market.  If you are firm believer
of The Secret you would avoid any negative thoughts that come to your mind, wipe
the complete day out of your memory and start fresh next day. This may not sound
too bad but there is a problem.
Successful trading is an incremental learning process. It is not different then a player
watching a recording of his / her performance, noticing mistakes and avoiding them
the next time he / she is out there performing again. By completely neglecting the
past performance you would  miss out on the constructive  learning process.   The
Secret fails miserably at this point.
The Real Forex Secret
But there is a Forex Secret. The secret is not only to record your mistakes but also to
record what you did “Right”. Repeating over and over again the “Right” and avoiding
the “Wrong” is the real Forex Secret.  That’s how you excel not only in Forex but in
anything in life.
This article is meant to raise a lot of eyebrows and to inspire some good conversa-
tion, so go ahead and send me your comments. I would love to hear your thoughts.