Have You Insurance of your Home?

Posted by Hassan Askry

For one, it keeps all the structures on your property against harm and gives you the promise that you will have sufficient money to repair your house or if it is damaged and deemed unlivable, home insurance companies will pay for you to rent a place or stay in a hotel room until repairs are finished. 

In addition, if any of your belongings are damaged or stolen, homeowners insurance will reimburse their replacement cost. Finally, it covers claims lobbied aligned with you for injuries that happen on your property.

When searching for home insurance, there are a few things you should keep in mind. 

Your course of action should cover up the cost of your home and a little more in case you’re displaced by some disaster and need to move to a new location. Figure the actual cost, which takes into account your home’s purchase price and any depreciation versus replacement cost, which is how much it is to replace or fix your home at current levels. 

Find out what type of exclusions your policy contains. That way you know in which cases it will and will not pay for damages to your possessions. Always check exactly what is and isn’t covered by your policy. While it may cover things such as theft and fire, it most likely doesn’t protect you against damage from landslides or flood waters.

Finally, be aware of your deductible and whether repairs are going to be affordable should the unthinkable occur.

Home insurance can be tailored to meet your exact state of affairs and you can often save money by seeking out discounts as high as 15% for things such as simply bundling several insurance products from the same company or having a home security system.

By supplying some basic information such as your home’s specifics, location, desired coverage, and a few other important pieces of information, we can easily and conveniently match you to a number of quotes specifically tailored for you.

By InsuranceUSA.com to find home insurance is the first step in ensuring your home is protected. So, don’t delay any longer, just enter your zip code and get started today!

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Why Forex Trading.? Most important reasons!

Posted by Hassan Askry

He boost in fame of Forex trading systems has been nothing but surprising. Every confidential investor that has been in the markets for even a short period utilizes at least one sort of currency software trading system. In fact, study has shown us the number two basis people who go into into the Forex markets don’t become profitable is either they don’t have a high class Forex trading system or they failed to take time to learn how to use it properly and test their sympathetic of the software using a free demo account supplied by a Forex brokerage firm. The number one reason failed at making money in the currency markets is rather obvious; they had no idea what they were doing because they not at all took the time to learn Forex trading.


The amount of data produced by the currency markets daily is astounding. Those statistics need to be captured, processed and distinguished into groups of what is relevant and what is of no use. It is not possible for a human to do this as efficiently as a computer.
(2) Capability TO PROGRAM definite CHARACTERISTICS:

 Most Forex trading systems have preprogrammed algorithms based on there initial plan. The vast mass of the systems fall into one of three categories; a trend based system, a signal based system or a formula based system. The buyer has the alternative of selecting or combining the techniques they find important and inputting there own options thus customize there approach towards the information they consider vital to the decision making development.


  Do to there mass appeal and the fact they are sold worldwide in vast quantities the price of these goods has dropped in current years as the quality has improved drastically. The majority of the products sell in the $100 to $200 range for a piece of software which millions were spent on the expansion.
 (4) Revising AND improvement:
 the majority of the systems are updated and upgrade a little times a year and there is typically no cost to the purchasers. The developers of these products realize there number one selling method is word of mouth advertising from happy clients and by provide the latest developments in the markets free of charge they are going to get more sales to new customers out of it.
(5)YOUR skill TO formulate MONEY:

  To put it quite simply if you don’t have one you are going to find it very tricky making money in the markets. After all, everybody you are going to be competing against is using at least one to help with the choice making process. How can you perhaps process all the information as professionally as they can if you don’t have one? The answer is you can’t.
As long as you purchase a top rated Forex trading system that has been on the market for a while you can be sure you will be getting a good product and value for your investment. Don’t fail to remember to take time to learn how to use the software and to learn currency trading before trading with real money and you should do well.
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US Foreign Exchange Guide and “Know How”

Posted by Hassan Askry

The US  foreign exchange is no doubt the major financial trading market on the earth.  Approximately all nations use the United States dollar as a determiner of the value of their own currencies. It is probable that concerning one and a half trillion U.S. Dollars flow in the foreign exchange market daily, which is a stark difference to a mere one hundred billion U.S. Dollars in joint stocks in America.
A lot of Americans favor foreign exchange over other types of financial markets because of a number of reasons. For one, trading in the foreign exchange market involves very high liquidity, which means that traders can channel huge sums of wealth out of and into different currencies with very little price movement. By being able to modify their investments flexibly in a variety of currencies, traders are given a wide field to discover, so to talk.
In addition to liquidity, one more reason why several people invest in foreign exchange trading is the low spread or business costs it demands. Brokers provide reasonably priced to cheap services, giving traders a higher chance to harvest profits. In addition to low increase, foreign exchange trading also offers flexible leverage. Traders can choose to trade more than what their accounts hold, and gain more profits from such influence grant.
Forex-US.com aims to become a concise virtual handbook to online reader’s preparation to connect in US foreign exchange. Segment of this site contain beneficial materials that one will need in setting up a vocation in foreign exchange. The following sections complicated on the basics of the financial market. One can read them to make a decision whether foreign exchange trading is right for one or not.
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You want "Home Loan". Here is the Solution

Posted by Hassan Askry

Which Type of Home Loan is Right for You?

If you are new to the world of home loans, the number of options at your disposal is enough to make your head spin. You know all about the basic "new purchase" mortgage and what it entails, but have never given much thought to the others: refinance, home equity, home improvement, debt consolidation and loan modification.
What are these other types of home loans, and which one is right for your particular situation? Here we take a closer look at these loans so that you may decide which is best suited for your needs.
New Purchase Mortgage
The most common type of home loan is the new purchase mortgage, which is granted to home buyers so that they can finance the purchase of a new or existing home. When you begin your home buying quest it is important to familiarize yourself with the types of loans available and the terms that go along with them. The biggest difference in mortgage loans is the fixed-rate mortgage and the adjustable-rate mortgage.
A fixed-rate mortgage keeps the same annual percentage rate (APR) through the life of the loan. The interest rate will never change and the homeowners can rest assured that their payments will remain the same until the end of the loan. An adjustable-rate mortgage, on the other hand, has an interest rate that will adjust periodically in the life of the loan. However, these loans typically have lower payments and come with the option to convert or refinance to a fixed rate at a later time. This type of mortgage is good for homebuyers that plan to live in their homes for only a few years.
Refinance loans are for current homeowners who seek to change the terms of their existing loan or use their home's equity for other purposes. There are several reasons you may want to refinance your home loan:
   • You have an adjustable-rate mortgage and you'd like the security of a fixed rate
   • You'd like to lower your monthly payment
   • You want to get equity out of your home in the form of cash
When you refinance your loan you are essentially restructuring your debt with new debt. The new loan pays off the old loan, and you begin to make payments on the newer loan.
Home Equity
Home equity is the difference between the home’s fair market value and the outstanding balance of the loans on the property. When a mortgage has been paid in full the property belongs to the mortgager, but in the meantime the mortgager has the option to borrow against the equity in the home.
There are two types of home equity loans. The first is known as a second mortgage. This type of loan lends a lump sum of money to the mortgager and must be paid over a fixed period of time.
The other type of home equity loan is a home equity line of credit, or HELOC. This gives the mortgager a line of credit similar to a credit card but in this case the funds are drawn against the equity in the home.
Home Improvement
This loan works like a home equity loan with an advance of funds to the property owner, but the money must be used for improvements such as maintenance and repair. A home improvement loan is usually short-term, and its resulting repairs and improvements may increase the value of the home.
Debt Consolidation
Debt consolidation is basically taking out one loan to pay off many others. A borrower may use their property as collateral in order to decrease the amount of interest they are paying on other debts, such as credit cards. The loan is used to pay off high interest debts by getting a lower interest rate and by making one payment a month versus many payments.
Loan Modification
Loan modification takes place when a borrower facing financial difficulty and having trouble making their mortgage payments works with their lender to change the terms of the mortgage. This usually involves a reduction of the interest rate on the loan or an extension of the length of the loan terms. A lender is willing to change the terms as such because they otherwise stand to lose more if the home should go into foreclosure.
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"Know how" about Foreign Currency Trading

Posted by Hassan Askry
Initially, only very huge venture had right to use to the foreign exchange trading (forex / fx / currency) dealing in the inter-bank commerce, the major and the largest part liquid financial market in the globe. In this market, currencies up to a worth of about 1,500 billion USD are bought and sold by its about 200,000 world-wide members daily and 24 hours/ day.

In the history a small number of years this extremely attractive market has become more and more available to individual customers. The market members, who are associated world-wide by current communication scheme, manage the prices (rates), as this market as well; chase the rule of supply and demand.

As a result incessant alters in rates are seen. Foreign exchange trading (buying and selling of different currencies) consists of manufacturing gainful utilize of these market fluctuations on the basis of well-tried currency trading models. The special benefit of this savings as disparate to usual savings such as fixed interest shares etc. is that profits can also be made in case of the USD declining in its place of rising contrast to other currencies.

A contract is done between two different currencies, with one currency in theory on behalf of the loan currency (debit) and the other one the investment currency (credit). Consequences are partial to the amount of the difference between the entries and depart cost. It is likely to trade using 100 times or more of your possess capital. This is named leverage or gearing. A comparatively little market movement will have a proportionately bigger crash on the funds you have deposited or will have to deposit. This may as well work against you as for you.

Trading productively is no simple matter. It takes time, market information and market sympathetic and a big amount of self control.

Anybody who says you can time after time make money in foreign exchange markets is not being honest. The Foreign exchange market is unstable by nature. The practice of trading it by way of edge increases that volatility exponentially. We are discussing about a very 'fast market' which is obviously conflicting. In order to make a booming trade, a dealer has to take into account technological and basic information and make a knowledgeable decision based on his insight of market feeling and market expectation. Timing a trade properly is almost certainly the most significant variable in trading productively. Invariably there will be times when a traders' timing will be off. So don't wait for to produce returns on every trade.

Let's observe what a trader wants to do in order to put the best odds for gainful trades on his side:

If you trade with only cash you can pay for to go down
Trading forex markets is extremely tentative and can result in vast losses. It is also thrilling, exciting and can become addictive. The more you are concerned with your money' the harder it is to make a clear-headed call. Capital you have earned is valuable, so trade only with capital you can pay for to loose.

Be familiar with the condition of the market
how is the market doing? Is it trending upwards, downwards, or is it in a trading variety. Is the trend physically powerful or weak, does it look like a new trend that's forming or did it begin long before. Receiving a clear picture of the market situation is putting down the necessary foundation for a winning trade.

moment of your contract
You can be right about a possible market movement but be too early on or too late as you go into the trade. Timing thought are double; a predictable market figure like CPI, retail sales or a Federal keep decision can consolidate a movement that's already underway. Timing your move means knowing what's expected and captivating into account all thoughts before trading. Technological psychotherapy can assist you recognize when and at what price a move could happen.

Trade reasonable business deals sizes
Edge trading allows the forex trader a very big quantity of influence. Trading at full margin capacity can give way very big profits or losses on an explanation. It is more often than not recommended that you level your trades so that you may re-enter the market or make dealings on other currencies. In small, don't trade amounts that can potentially clean you out and don't put every one your eggs in one basket.

Measure the market reaction
Market reaction is what the majority of the market is apparent to be sense concerning the market and therefore what it is doing or going to do. This is essentially about tendency. You may have listened to the term 'the trend is your friend’. This means that if you're in the right way with a tough trend you will make winning trades. This is clearly very naive. A trend is able of reversing at any time. Methodological and basic information can indicate if the trend has begun extended before and if it is strong or weak.

Market anticipation
Market anticipation relates to what nearly everyone people are expectant as far as imminent information is concerned. If people are expecting an attention rate to rise and it does, then there typically will not be a lot of a movement because the information will already have been 'discounted' by the market. equally, if the adverse happens, markets will usually react violently.

In winding up
previous to starting, make yourself recognizable with a variety of trading platforms and expand a number of trading strategies. Currency trading or Forex trading is not for everyone and should be undertaken after serious thought.
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Benefits of the Forex Trade.

Posted by Hassan Askry
What are the benefits of the Forex marketplace over other kinds of savings?
When thinking about a variety of reserves, there is one investment vehicle that comes to mind. The Forex or Foreign Currency Market has many benefits over further kinks of investments. The Forex market is open the whole day, distinct the normal stock markets. The majority investments need a large amount of capital before you can get benefit of an investment chance. To deal Forex, you merely need a little amount of capital. Anybody can go into the market with as small as $300 USD to do business a "mini account", which allows you to trade lots of 10,000 units. One lot of 10,000 units of currency is equivalent to 1 contract. Each "pip" or shift up or down in the currency couple is worth a $1 gain or loss, depending on which side of the market you are on. A normal account gives you control over 100,000 units of currency and a pip is value $10.
The Forex market is also very liquid. When buy and sell Forex you have full managed of your capital.
Many other sorts of investments need holding your money up for extended time of time. This is a difficulty because if you need to use the capital it can be difficult to access to it without taking a vast loss. Also, with a little sum of cash, you can manage
Forex dealer can be gainful in bullish or bearish market situation. Stock market dealer need stock prices to increase in order to take a profit. Forex traders can build a profit during up trends and downtrends. Forex Trading can be dangerous, but with having the skill to have a fine system to chase, excellent money organization skills, and possessing self regulation, Forex trading can be a comparatively little danger investment.
The Forex market can be operated anytime, everywhere. As long as you have right to use to a computer, you have the facility to trade the Forex market. An important thing to keep in mind is before leaping into trading currencies, is it clever to perform with "paper money", or "fake money." Most dealers have demo accounts where you can download their trading position and perform real time with fake money. While this is no assurance of your presentation with real money, practicing can give you a vast benefit to become improved prepared when you trade with your real, hard earned money. There are also many Forex course on the internet, now be wary when choosing which ones to buy.
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U.S.: Credit is unmoving low down. Economic Situation is Tight

Posted by Hassan Askry
The financial improvement should keep on all through this time, albeit at a slower pace. The family unit deleveraging in the United States and in a lot of European countries, joined with the likely fiscal consolidation in a number of nations, would finally slow the recovery next year. In effect, buyer self-confidence stays passive, and not only in the U.S., as economic incentives is finishing, despite the fact that hiring remains sluggish. Banks are still flexible in growing credit, chiefly to the confidential division. As a result, customer credit cut down 4.5% in May, at the same time as crime in the credit card trade slid to the lowest point of the history seven existences. Both the built-up and service division appears to the moderating from senior level, while the accommodation marketplace is still close to the base in many nations. In realism the US developed industry grew for the sixth following month, but new instructions declined in June, though left over in the expansionary mode. The index is now at 54.4 from 62.3 reached in March. The service sector fell in its place to 53.8 from 55.4, but business action stays well-built at 58.1. Exports are falling, almost certainly due to the well-built U.S. dollar and the reduction in the world financial revival. However, in the U.S., the whole sale inventories rose 0.5% month on month in May, marking the fifth successive month of add to. The Federal Reserve is expected to stay rates low down for most part of 2010, as inflation is gentle and recovery still uneven
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Basic information for Forex Trading and buying Shares

Posted by Hassan Askry
For this type of business , You must know its rules and regulations completely then you may stat and deal in this business.
firstly you must know about stock exchange its way of business and its limitations. There are many sellers that they will urge you to sale their shares . Don't go to them they do it for their own incentive. If you want to Start business you read Forex trading books , Web sites etc.

How Points of any Ltd. Company increase?

when a particular company sells its shares in market people depending upon the profitability began to purchase it its shares. if more people wants to buy its shares than its ordinary shares its share value began to increase and its points on Stock Exchange Market increase.

When to buy Shares?

Its depend upon the nature of buyer. Some Buyers buy shares when its value id too low and nobody is buying share of that company. Hoping that she value of the shares will increase in future they buy shares. But some buyers are risk aware they buy when company's share is at top hoping that this value will not down in future.
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Trading Market Terms

Posted by Hassan Askry
dear viewers !

when you think about the market you must know about all marketing terms use.
here are some of them

  • bull . bull refer to the upwind trend in the market
  • bear. Bear refer to the down word trend in the market.
  • at the market. this is the order to buy or sell at the best price possible at the time an order reaches the trading pit.
  • Boom. Boom refer to tat era when markers ear in peek , Business done  Very well, in stock exchange business in its extreme.
  • .Decline. It is that market trend in which business going down word. In stock exchange business activity became lessen. Commodity Prices fallen.
  • Stock Exchange. Stock exchange is a place where people invest money in different public limited companies and companies give them security proof like shares.
  • Share. Share is the security that company gives to its inverter as a proof of investing money. Share is the smaller Unit of investment in a company. different companies share is of different worth (e.g. 1share = 1 Dollar or 1 Share = 10 Pakistani Rupee)
  • Public Limited Company. Public Limited company is the company of Government Sector. and it allow public to invest in it and become owner or share holder or partner.  
  • Stake Holder. stack holder is every person who directly or indirectly affected by any new action.(Internal Stack holder , External Stack Holder , Connected Stack Holder.)
So these ere the main Market terms that usually use in the Market. When you deal in trading. Online Trading Forex , Stock Exchange , Currency Exchange , you Must know these terms.
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    Pakistani Currency Vs US Dollar

    Posted by Hassan Askry
    Pakistani currency is moving down and down as compared with US Dollar .
    As in only 3 years ago one Dollar was equal to 65 Pakistani Rupee , but now one Dollar is Equal to 86 Pakistani Rupee..
    There are several reasons for decline in currency value.
    some of which are

    • Economic Instability
    • More Imports than exports
    • Loans and borrowings
    • Decline in Stock Markets
    • Natural Deserter (i.e. earthquake, flood etc.)
    • Unequal Distribution of wealth

    Unfortunately Pakistan is facing many of these  problems.

    Due to increase in price if petrol and petroleum products Pakistani Economy Fall and Fall.

    Pakistan should have to Increase its Exports as it is a good agricultural country it could export many agricultural products like , Mango , Orange Rice , Sugar Cane, Tobacco. And most important step is to take strictk action against smuggler and Stock Holders.
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    Summary of the April 2010 Triennial Central Bank Survey1

    Posted by Hassan Askry
    Turnover on the global foreign exchange market
    Global foreign exchange market turnover was 20% higher in April 2010 than in
    April 2007, with average daily turnover of $4.0 trillion compared to $3.3 trillion.
    The increase was driven by the 48% growth in turnover of spot transactions,
    which represent 37% of foreign exchange market turnover. Spot turnover rose
    to $1.5 trillion in April 2010 from $1.0 trillion in April 2007.
    The increase in turnover of other foreign exchange instruments was more
    modest at 7%, with average daily turnover of $2.5 trillion in April 2010. Turnover
    in outright forwards and currency swaps grew strongly. Turnover in foreign
    exchange swaps was flat relative to the previous survey, while trading in
    currency options decreased.
    As regards counterparties, the higher global foreign exchange market turnover
    is associated with the increased trading activity of "other financial institutions" -
    a category that includes non-reporting banks, hedge funds, pension funds,
    mutual funds, insurance companies and central banks, among others. Turnover
    by this category grew by 42%, increasing to $1.9 trillion in April 2010 from $1.3
    trillion in April 2007. For the first time, activity of reporting dealers with other
    financial institutions surpassed inter-dealer transactions (ie transactions
    between reporting dealers).
    Foreign exchange market activity became more global, with cross-border
    transactions representing 65% of trading activity in April 2010, while local
    transactions account for 35%.
    The percentage share of the US dollar has continued its slow decline witnessed
    since the April 2001 survey, while the euro and the Japanese yen gained
    relative to April 2007. Among the 10 most actively traded currencies, the
    Australian and Canadian dollars both increased market share, while the pound
    sterling lost ground and the Swiss franc declined marginally. The market share
    of emerging market currencies increased, with the biggest gains for the Turkish
    lira and the Korean won.
    The relative ranking of foreign exchange trading centres has changed slightly
    from the previous survey. Banks located in the United Kingdom accounted for
    36.7%, against 34.6% in 2007, of all foreign exchange market turnover,
    followed by the United States (18%), Japan (6%), Singapore (5%), Switzerland
    (5%), Hong Kong SAR (5%) and Australia (4%).
    Turnover in OTC interest rate derivatives
    Activity in OTC interest rate derivatives grew by 24%, with average daily
    turnover of $2.1 trillion in April 2010. Almost all of the increase relative to the
    last survey was due to the growth of forward rate agreements (FRAs), which
    increased by 132% to reach $601 billion.
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    Risk Warning

    Posted by Hassan Askry

    The risk disclaimer is meant to inform the user of the potential financial risks of en-
    gaging in foreign exchange trading. The transaction of such financial instruments
    known as forex, fx, or currency, and dealt on a valued basis known as ‘spot’ or ‘for-
    ward’, ‘day trading’ and ‘option’, can contain a substantial degree of risk.
    Before deciding to undertake such transactions with any other firm offering simi-
    lar services, a user should carefully evaluate whether his/her financial situation is
    appropriate for such transactions. Trading foreign exchange may result in a sub-
    stantial or complete loss of funds and therefore should only be undertaken with
    risk capital.
    The definition of risk capital is funds that are not necessary to the survival or well
    being of the user. We strongly recommends that a user, who is considering trading
    foreign exchange  should  obtain a clear and accurate understanding of the risks
    inherent to fx trading. Opinions and analysis on potential expected market move-
    ments contained within the FirePips.com website are not to be considered neces-
    sarily precise or timely, and due to the public nature of the Internet, FirePips.com
    cannot at any time guarantee the accuracy of such information.
    Trading online, no matter how convenient or efficient it may be, does not neces-
    sarily reduce the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and FirePips.com
    does not accept any responsibility towards any customer, member or third party,
    acting on such information contained on the website as to the accuracy or delay of
    information such as quotations, news, and charts derived from quotations.
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    Forex and The Secret

    Posted by Hassan Askry

    There is a very high degree of risk involved in trading. In any market where a potential for
    profit exists, there exists also a risk of loss. Forex trading is a risky business. You should only trade with
    money that you can afford to lose. In case of loss, the amount should not affect your lifestyle and your
    family’s in anyway. None of the information on our website nor any information or education provided
    to the reader by any means assures that the reader will make money in the Forex market. Neither the au-
    thor nor the publisher will be responsible for the use or misuse of the information contained herein. The
    information contained in this ebook is for information purposes only. It is not intended as professional
    advice or a recommendation to act. Before engaging in any activity mentioned in this ebook, seek the
    advice and consultation of a competent professional. All trademarks mentioned herein are the property
    of their respective trademark owners.
    Best Charts For Forex Trading
    Is the Law of Attraction applicable in Forex world?  Is it just another Self-Help BS or
    there is more to it? Is there a true Forex Secret? Let’s explore.
    You may find this strange topic to write and may be wondering how on earth some-
    thing like The Secret  relates  to Forex. I never thought  I’ll write an article that  has
    Secret in its title but here it is anyways.
    What is The Secret?
    First of all  if you don’t  know The Secret is then I suggest you Google it, there is a
    book and a 90 minute video.  Once you have done that come back to this article and
    it will make more sense.
    I came across this  video  through  spam email  which landed in  my inbox,  it  asked
    me to see this video and then take quick action to buy their product.  I did see the
    video but didn’t buy whatever they were selling, not because I hated The Secret but
    I couldn’t correlate between the two.
    The Secret talks  about “Law of Attraction” (some would say a fancy name for “day
    dreaming” ). The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like; your thoughts and
    feelings attract corresponding experiences. Your thoughts  become things and by
    simply imagining it and taking actions you can get everything in life.
    To some degree it is true since it emphasize heavily on positive thinking. Though not
    necessarily true in Forex. Let me explain.
    Where it Fails?
    Imagine a day when you encounter a big loss in the market.  If you are firm believer
    of The Secret you would avoid any negative thoughts that come to your mind, wipe
    the complete day out of your memory and start fresh next day. This may not sound
    too bad but there is a problem.
    Successful trading is an incremental learning process. It is not different then a player
    watching a recording of his / her performance, noticing mistakes and avoiding them
    the next time he / she is out there performing again. By completely neglecting the
    past performance you would  miss out on the constructive  learning process.   The
    Secret fails miserably at this point.
    The Real Forex Secret
    But there is a Forex Secret. The secret is not only to record your mistakes but also to
    record what you did “Right”. Repeating over and over again the “Right” and avoiding
    the “Wrong” is the real Forex Secret.  That’s how you excel not only in Forex but in
    anything in life.
    This article is meant to raise a lot of eyebrows and to inspire some good conversa-
    tion, so go ahead and send me your comments. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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