Record increase in the sale of Rolls Royce

Posted by Hassan Askry
The sale of Rolls Royce has increased alot. In 2011 more than three thousand Rolls Royce Cars were slod. Rolls Royce is the considered as the symbol of richness, social status and economy. That's why it is most famous in rich dudes of Australia , China, USA and even Africa. Last year 3538 Rolls Royce were sold which is record since its companies 107 year history. CEO of Rolls Royce is planning to establish another plant in UK.

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Mercedes with diamonds studs

Posted by Hassan Askry

You may have seen diamond ring, but have you ever seen a car with diamonds studs??
Yes this is Mercedes banes. This company has completed 50 years till it was established. Rather than cutting a cake on its golden jubilee, company made a rare car with diamonds studs on it. Its piece is $4,800,000. Saudi prince Al-Waleed owns this car who is already fond of cars. If you want to touch this car you have to pay $1000 for this. 

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Starting Business with No money

Posted by Hassan Askry
Business is about creating costumers. Every business i.e. large business , medium business or even small business is about creating a costumers and about keeping the costumers. and marketing is about understating the costumers means  understanding their needs.
And while we staring the business with no money. We need to understand completely who our costumers are, what are their wants and desires , why they want our products. Its is the creditably. you don't need money to create cradiblity and integrity. You don't need money to be attentive to your Clint, to be well presented to understand their needs, to give them value , to give them something quickly, tweet on phone calls. You don't need to know that they want a quality of life and you can provide what they want.

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Blogging business and blogging techniques.

Posted by Hassan Askry
Blogging is fun and a good business at the same time. Don't be scare about doing it. Its quite interesting .
but make sure you do the following things.

  1. Make sure you put an interesting heading. People usually inspired by the heading. If  heading is interesting people will be encouraged to read the article
  2. Try to encourage people to share your post. If people find your article or post interesting they would  might like to share that on social networking websites like Facebook, tweeter etc.
  3. The piece of information you share must be full of fun and information. Should be interesting and  rare.
  4. Make sure that blog reflects you as a person. Even if you are a fun person, there is a good message behind you. you should share a message through yourself. 
  5. Mind this thing the best blogger is who encourages the others to share. That means that encourages people to comment, like or share their Ideas. (21st century communication is quite different than that of 20th century communication. If you read the news paper you can't comment but if you read the blog you must contributed yourself in that blog.)
  6. If I as a blogger make a blog , I would love to here from other people about my blog. 

In-short if  you are going to create a blog, you must be sure that it should be interesting to people, it should be engaging people or encouraging people to comment and finally you must be look to the people that you are a great person through your profile.

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90% of Amber is extracted from Baltic Sea of Russia

Posted by Hassan Askry
Sea Amber is the type of one of the precious stone Amber. This can be extract from the glaciers and rivers around  north Europe . This is in excessive quantity in beach of England , North Germany , West Russia and Baltic States.
90% of Amber is extracted from Baltic Sea of Russia. When Russian Army entered into Persia then germans stopped extracting Amber from here. In 1976 they found a place for extract of amber and established a factory for the finishing of Amber.
1st of all they dug a 50 to 60 meter hole , and then washed this hole with water jet.

All workers are being checked thoroughly after working. Because there is a threat they can theft some precious stones during work..

Amber is divided into many types according to their weight and mass.. After polishing and finishing it can be fitted into many ornaments and decoration pieces..

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Hundredths of people gathered before the launch of new Apple iPhone modal in Beijing

Posted by Hassan Askry
Hundredths of people gathered before the launch of new Apple iPhone modal in Beijing 
Apple Co. says that supply of Apple iPhone is stopped because buyers and sellers are having some security problems.

In a comment from Apple company it was said that Apple Company currently will not supply Apple iPhone.

They further said that Apple company didn't open the store in sullivan because many people gathered before the launch and even started fight from each other to buy.They spited eggs on each other frighted and troubled the policemen. But Chines can buy iPhone through Internet.
Its worthwhile to mention here that China is the top country for the use and sale of mobile phones. And after America this is the top country for giving most profit to Apple Co.

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