Economy goes down

Posted by Hassan Askry

It is not only the problem of USA but all over the world that economy is going down. Several factors involves to take the economy down. One of the major reason is the shortage of the natural resources like oil, coal, and gold etc. That is the reason that such a developed country like USA is also facing the phase of recession. Actually mostly people of USA are using credit system .They use credit cards and loans etc. for which they have to pay with interest . this factor puts a negitive effect on the economey as a whole.
In developing countried like Pakistan elites and beaurucrates are creating an artificial inflation that results in such a way that money is transfring from poor to rich . Means that poor are becoming more and more poor and rich are becoming more and more rich.
Investment is on risk now a days because the value of money is going down and down. The best investment now a days is Gold that is why every invester is busy in investigating that what is gold trade in the market