90% of Amber is extracted from Baltic Sea of Russia

Posted by Hassan Askry
Sea Amber is the type of one of the precious stone Amber. This can be extract from the glaciers and rivers around  north Europe . This is in excessive quantity in beach of England , North Germany , West Russia and Baltic States.
90% of Amber is extracted from Baltic Sea of Russia. When Russian Army entered into Persia then germans stopped extracting Amber from here. In 1976 they found a place for extract of amber and established a factory for the finishing of Amber.
1st of all they dug a 50 to 60 meter hole , and then washed this hole with water jet.

All workers are being checked thoroughly after working. Because there is a threat they can theft some precious stones during work..

Amber is divided into many types according to their weight and mass.. After polishing and finishing it can be fitted into many ornaments and decoration pieces..