current gold and silver price

Posted by Hassan Askry

Gold and silver gone more expensive

Rate of one tolah Gold with increase of PKR 200.00 is at PKR 47500.00
Silver with increase of PKR 172 is at PKR 40714

Due to increase in international market the rate in Pakistani market increased at record level on Thursday Apr. 21.

In international market with increase of 4 dollar Gold is at $1508 while silver with the increase if $1.15 is at $46.15.

In Bourses in Pakistan 10grams of Gold is PKR 40714.
It Is important to mention here that for the 1st time in the history of this country silver increase PKR130 in a single day. In the local market the trend of buying silver has increase. Along with professional brokers, middle level traders are participating in silver trading due to which it is probable that in international and local market there could be decrease in silver rates along with gold rate.