Solar energy plants in Spain

Posted by Hassan Askry
Spain... 24 hours working solar energy station 


A strange solar energy power station is working in Andalusia the city of Spain which is capable of working 24 hrs a day.  This is named gama solar and it started working in last year in may. It has a big light tower which can be seen far away from it. This big tower provides light to 2600 solar mirrors.
The technical director of the administrator of this company says that it the only solar power plant in the worls which can work 24 hours a day.

He said its working is very simple. Solar panels reflects the sun light to the tower which can produce electricity 1000 percent powerful than the light of sun reaches on the earth.This energy is stored in a tank. It produced 500 degree cantered temperature  which produces stream and this stream is used to rotate the turbines.
 The electricity produced in this solar station is enough to run 30 thousand espanol homes. And it reduced 30 thousand tons of carbon dioxide to emit into air.