Natalie Irish art

Posted by Hassan Askry
Painting with lips

Athough Painting and art is a saparate issue than business but I really like this "Art" which i am going to mention in my new post:
You have seen a number of colorful paintings and pot-rate but i mam sure you have never seen the art made my lips..
Yes really an american artist Natalie Irish  is making a number of paintings , but not with any paint or brush but only with her lips. She named her art as "LIP ART". Along with this art she can make pics with her thumbs and with her foots. But with this work she usually face the swallowing of her lips and pain in her eyes.
But she says due to this work I usually face swelling in my lips and pain in my eyes. She says that she was 5 year old when 1st time she won completion . Unfortunately she is the patient of diabetes she uses insulin pump attached to her body.