What is Gold trading

Posted by Hassan Askry
Hello my visitors I am Hassan Askari on th topic "what is gold trading at today"
People are buying gold because they think dollar is going devalue and it stimulates the money. I want you to know that what is going on about gold trading. Gold was sold at very high price at last year. Gold trading is the best ever business. because it is less risky than buying of shares etc.
 If you deals in this business you will learn speedy, your  learning curve would be good.
Its is complecated you can make some mistakes but you will also make really good money.

Essentially there are three ways which you can invest in gold

  • Buying Physical Gold
It would be for example Gold jugular , Buying gold biscuits etc.
  • Buying some kink of contract
Its price is fixed to the price of Gold. In Chicago and new York there are contracts available.where you have effectively buy something
  • Buying Share in Gold Mining companies
there are some companies which deals in only Gold and some are which deals in all minerals.

So these were the three main Gold related business activities . we will discuss in detail in next post.
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